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online sports betting - college basketball

When handicapping college basketball, one of the most important stats I look to is "record vs. common opponents." What makes college basketball so difficult is you have no idea how teams match up against each other. By looking at their records versus common opponents you can somewhat get a feel for how the game could play out.


A good handicapping system for college basketball is to look for games where a nationally ranked team is favored on the road at a decently talented team. If you find a situation like this, you should bet on the home underdog. This is just another game for the ranked team but it could make the season for the home team. The players will be psyched up and the crowd will be raucous.


Be forewarned however, that the home dog has to have some talent and a respectable shot of an upset or it could be blown out right out of the gate. Falling behind quickly could destroy the players' psyche and take the crowd right out of it. So make sure the home team has a legitimate chance. If the home team looks clearly outmatched, I like the road team.


Home court advantage plays a much larger role in college basketball than in the NBA. We harp over and over on the importance of home-court advantage in college basketball. Road teams are covering college basketball spreads at lower and lower percentages in recent years. The biggest cause for this is the incredible number of early departures by players to the NBA.


Quality college basketball players these days rarely stay in school for more than 2 years, with many leaving after one good season for the lure of big bucks in the NBA. What this has done is watered down college basketball.


Most of the sportsbooks and hotels in Las Vegas claim that they make less money on college basketball than any other sport. What does that mean for us? OPPORTUNITY! College basketball provides the BEST opportunity to find value in college basketball spreads. Why? One, college basketball has the most teams to keep track and in theory the odds-makers can't quite keep up with them. And two, college basketball is played on a daily basis, unlike football that is only played once a week allowing for the odds-makers to set a more precise line. There are over 300 division 1 teams in college basketball. Do you think the odds-makers will know every little detail about every single team? Maybe, but we definitely know the betting public doesn't.


I would say that 45% of my wins come from schools that the average sports fan has never heard off. My friends and clients ask me all the time, "Why would you bet on that team? Who has heard of them? What could you possibly know about them?" This is what I tell them. With the explosion of the Internet, I can find out anything I want to know about any college basketball team in the country. The Internet gives me the ability to analyze the smaller schools more closely than the odds-makers have time to do themselves.


The online sports betting strategies on this web site are just a sample of the many online sports betting strategies included in this college basketball betting guide. For the complete college basketball betting guide and online sports betting strategies for other sports, click here.


Disclaimer: The information contained on this page is for entertainment purposes only. We are not responsible or liable for losses incurred by using this information. If you choose to use this information for gambling purposes, you do so at your own risk.


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