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online sports betting - college football

College football is arguably more exciting than professional football because of the pride and tradition that accompanies college football players on the field. While NFL players are battling it out for the contract extension at the end of the year, college football players give it their all for bragging rights as well recognition by pro scouts who can make a kid a millionaire. That being said, exposure plays a huge role in college football.


When a chance at the championship can come down to the opinion of a few sports writers and a computer rating system, jumping out of the gate quickly is crucial in college football. That is why college football games early in the season can present excellent betting opportunities.


The before mentioned pride and tradition that encompasses a college football game is a very important factor in college football. It is important to realize that college football players at this level are very young men, some still teenagers. They do not have the maturity of professional players and can't turn it on and off like a light switch.


Emotion can easily carry a college football team through a game and lead them to a very tight fought game if not a victory even when they are outmatched. College life is filled with many ups and downs and every once in a while there is a tragedy or disheartening event that happens on campuses. Most of the time these events bring the school closer together and create a more narrow focus for the students.


College football players are students, too. They are affected just as much if not more because many times they are asked to represent the strength of the school through battle on the field. In these games, college football players are not playing for themselves or their coach, they are playing for the school and any lives that were lost. It is amazing how a college football team pulls together and bottles adrenaline to kick some ass for the upcoming football game. They always seem to keep it close. Advice: Take the team and the points who have something 'true' to play for. On the flip side, expect a let-down the following week and strongly consider betting against them.


The online sports betting strategies on this web site are just a sample of the many online sports betting strategies included in this college football betting guide. For the complete college football betting guide and online sports betting strategies for other sports, click here.


Disclaimer: The information contained on this page is for entertainment purposes only. We are not responsible or liable for losses incurred by using this information. If you choose to use this information for gambling purposes, you do so at your own risk.


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