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XFL: about the xfl


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The XFL is a football league that is owned and operated by World Wrestling Federation Entertainment and NBC. XFL is 100 percent competitive football; the brand of football that hardcore football fans havent seen in a long time, and the brand of football that new fans have never seen before. This league will connect with fans by returning football to its roots, including fostering a wide-open style of play and faster-paced action while encouraging player individuality. The XFL was first announced by it's founder Vince McMahon on February 3, 2000 (one year before the first game), at a press conference at the WWF entertainment complex in New York.

NBC and World Wrestling Federation Entertainment announced a strategic partnership to jointly own and run the XFL on March 29, 2000. The agreement calls for each party to own 50 percent of the XFL league and its eight teams. NBC is also committed to broadcast regional and national XFL games on Saturday nights in primetime from February through April.

XFL television viewers will be given full access with cameras positioned in locker rooms, on sidelines and in the helmets of selected players. XFL players, coaches, locker rooms and huddles will also be miked, providing viewers with unique insight into the strategy of the game and enabling them to fully experience the true emotion, attitude, and intensity of the players, both on and off the field. There is, however, a 5 second delay on all mikes, to censor out the more emotional outbursts that can be expected in the XFL.

To make sure the games are hard hitting and fast paced, the XFL has made a few deviations from the modern NFL rulebook. The biggest rules change that you will notice is the elimination of the fair catch on punts. XFL punt returners will not be allowed to take the easy way out when the oncoming stampede gets uncomfortably close. And to make things worse, any punt over 25 yards is a live ball in the XFL, just like a kickoff. The punt returner will, however, be given a five-yard cushion to make the catch before being run over, and the kicking team will have to wait until the ball is kicked before leaving the line of scrimmage. Also, all kickoffs into the end zone must be brought out. If a kick returner does not make it out of the end zone, the kicking team is awarded a safety. The only way for a XFL team to receive a touchback is if the ball is kicked all the way through the end zone.

The XFL offense gets a little help too, a receiver will only need one foot in bounds on a pass completion. The same goes for a defender intercepting a pass. As long as they get one foot down inside the line, the catch is good. The offense will also be allowed to have one man in forward motion outside of the tackles. The defensive backs will be allowed to employ the old bump and run all the way down field, a tactic the NFL outlawed years ago in a move to give receivers an advantage. Instead of the nearly automatic extra point conversion, the scoring team will have to line up at the two-yard line and attempt to score by passing or running the ball in. This will not be a two-point conversion either, just one

In an effort to speed up the game, the XFL play clock will be set at 35 seconds, and 25 seconds following any clock stoppage. In overtime, each team will get a chance to score from the 20-yard line in four downs. If the first team scores in just three plays, the other team must match them by scoring with just three plays. If the second team matches them they will do it again.

Vince McMahon, who is used to getting down and dirty, is known for attracting powerful purchasing demographics in the process. McMahon single handedly took "championship wrestling" to prime time with the World Wrestling Federation. He took a concept that starred a couple of toothless knuckleheads and made it a multi-billion dollar empire with characters and character lines that would make the creators of Dallas and Dynasty jealous.

Sponsors too have taken notice of the rabid fans McMahon has been able to attract. Once spurned as hillbillies, sponsors soon discovered that those tuning into McMahon's creations had real purchasing power. As important, the demographics for WWF expanded exponentially from wrestling's early days, before the brash McMahon became involved with a slick smile and a penchant for making everything rock 'n roll.

Now he's "guaranteeing" his newest brainchild, the XFL professional football league will be a smash not only on the field, but with fans and, more importantly, the sponsors. Hailing the XFL as the ultimate reality show, McMahon said fans will be shocked by the behind-the-scenes action and the sheer violence the NFL refuses to show.

"The XFL is undeniably showing something that you don't see in the NFL," McMahon said. "We'll be in the huddles, on the sidelines and at half-time, we'll take you in the locker room to hear the speeches. A lot of people will be surprised to see the aggressiveness. But that's what football is." XFL officials are promising to deliver the 12- to 24-year-old male audience to its sponsors, including Anheuser-Busch, US Army, Miller Brewing Co.,Burger King, Harley Davidson and Honda.

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